The 21st International Travel Trade Fair “Balttour 2014” 

  The 21st International Travel Trade Fair “Balttour 2014” successfully opened on 7 February in Riga (Latvia).Inits work in theframework of the project"Estonia-Latvia-Russia.Recoveryparksas an integralpart of the historicalheritage ", was attended by representativesGBUKLO" Museum Agency"-museum staffMemorial estate “Rozhdestveno”.A new route "Green Cultural Heritage", which connects several towns in Latvia, Estonia and Russia was presented at the stand of the Tourist Association of Vidzeme (Latvia). To introduce a new unique route and summarizing information was made a single map showing the objects of cultural heritage route connecting St. Petersburg, Pskov (Russia), Räpina (Estonia), Gulbene and Riga (Latvia). Emphasizing the particularities of each country and region, traditions and rich cultural offerings, special emphasis on green heritage - manors and wonderful parks.


   Aroute leads through the green heritage of towns and cities, attracting tourists not only explore the mansions and parks, and castles, churches and other architectural treasures. Families with children can take part in various interactive museum programs and creative workshops. For history lovers will have the opportunity to hear the amazing stories by locals. .


   The new cards will be available in Latvian, Estonian, Russian and English languages.


   This new unique tourist route, offering parks and enjoy the beauty of the old estates, was also presented at the 23th International Tourism Fair Tourest 2014 from 14 to 16 February in Tallinn.