Via Hanseatica

International project:

"The development of remote regions through the working of cross-border tourist route Via Hanseatica, based on local resources"

 Via Hanseatica (VH) is a tourism route connecting St Petersburg, Narva/Ivangorod, Tartu, Valga/Valka, Valmiera and Sigulda in the Programme territory. The aim of the project is to promote regional development in remote areas in Estonia, Latvia and Russia, using the potential of the tourist route Via Hanseatica. The main objectives of the project are to implement training for professionals in the field of tourism, the development of thematic travel packages and operating tourist route Via Hanseatica and more.

Training on tourist services were held in the spring of 2013 in Latvia ( Vidzeme ) and Estonia. Competitors were held for the best original joint project for a foreign tourist , based on good quality service .

On the Russian side of the spring of 2013 successfully conducted two training programs :

18-19 March 2013 - in Ivangorod - Narva - the first training program, which has passed the training and accreditation of Russian organizations as participants in international travel packages and modules.

15-16 April 2013 - in Vyritsky Tarkhany ( Gatchina district) - the second training program to develop the tourist route . Has been prepared and А presentation of the memorial estate “Rozhdestveno”  Presentation of the memorial estate “Rozhdestveno” was prepared and presented, participants visited memorial estate “Rozhdestveno”, enjoyed the beauty of park.

The third training program for the Project Via Hanseatica: questing held 3-4 June 2013 in Gatchina ( Gatchina Palace ) . Moderator of the program - Steven Glazer, director Poetics of Place, USA.

Quest - a " treasure hunt " in the community , during which players are directed with clues to the " treasure " and taught  to see the "value" of it . Treasure can be a park or reserve, or cultural object ( the oldest building , tombstone ) . Quest provides an opportunity for participants ( tourists) to have the personal experience , learn something new, take a new look at many things.