A sightseeing tour of the Memorial estate “Rozhdestveno”
 The tour route includes a visit to the mansion exhibitions and a walk along the park alleys to the caves and holy sources, the water of which is believed to treat eye diseases .
Length 1.5 hours

A walking tour around Rozhdestveno
 The itinerary includes a visit to the memorial estate “Rozhdestveno”, a walk around the park, a visit to the caves and the holy sources. You will also see Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary , where "Vyrskaya myza" estate used to be, the old cemetery where the Decembrist KF Ryleyev’s mother and the painter Shishkin’s wife O. Lagoda-Shishkina are buried, as well as the Cathedral of the Ascension (Vosnesenia).
Duration - 4hours