Dear friends !

 We welcome you to the official website of memorial estate “Rozhdestveno”!
In memorial estate “Rozhdestveno” you can get acquainted with the history of the unique house built by an unknown architect at the end of XVIII century in classical style. The expositions of the Museum tell us about the past of Rozhdestveno and its surroundings, Nabokov’s and Rukavishnikov’s families, events of life and work of a famous emigrant writer - Vladimir Nabokov.
I n our museum there’s something for everyone: everyday life of Russian noble society, a unique noble atmosphere of Russian aristocracy or a bright collection of butterflies.
 The estate not only includes the mansion itself, but also a large park where some of the oldest trees in our park are more than 220 years old. At the end of the park you can see a cave and springs, rising from red-coloured cliffs. One of the springs is believed to be holy and its water is famous for curing eye diseases.
We invite you to our museum!